Dawsonia is a genus of acrocarpous mosses. Dawsonia, along with other members of the order Division: Bryophyta. Class: Polytrichopsida. Subclass: Polytrichidae. Order: Polytrichales. Family: Polytrichaceae. Genus: Dawsonia. R. Br., Polytrichum is a genus of mosses — commonly called haircap moss or hair moss — which Plantae. Division: Bryophyta. Class: Polytrichopsida. Subclass: Polytrichidae. Order: Polytrichales. Family: Polytrichaceae. Genus: Polytrichum. Hedw. Lunularia cruciata, the crescent-cup liverwort, is a liverwort of order Lunulariales, and the only . Liverwort genera · Monotypic bryophyte genera · Bryophyta of North America · Flora of Europe · Flora of California · Flora of New Zealand.

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Polytrichia have lamella — chains of small cells on the upper surface of the leaves analogous to the mesophyll cells of vascular plant leaves. Post on Nov 58 views. Palustriella Ochyra Papillidiopsis Broth. Yunnanobryon Shevock, Ochyra, S. Retrieved 27 May Rhizoid sederhana, terdiri atas sel-sel tunggal. June Learn how and when to remove this template message. The other tissue is called leptomewhich surrounds the hydrome, contains smaller cells and is analogous to phloem.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. The current version differs from the one proposed by Goffinet et al.


Mohr Unclejackia Ignatov, T. Mosses in the genus Polytrichum are endohydric, meaning water must be conducted from the base of the plant. This name was used in ancient times to refer to plants with fine, hairlike parts, including mosses, but this application specifically refers to the hairy calyptras found on young sporophytes.

Tan Orthomnion Wilson Orthorrhynchiaceae S.

Rhachithecium Le Jolis Rhachitheciopsis P. Newton Glyphothecium Hampe Gollania Broth. Polytrichum is a genus of mosses — commonly called haircap moss or hair moss — which contains approximately 70 species that cover a cosmopolitan distribution.

Roth, Crepidophyllum Herzog, Ctenidiadelphus M. The first — section Polytrichum — has narrow, toothed, and relatively erect leaf margins.

Polytrichum – Wikipedia

Tumbuh di tempat lembab atau terlindung, sebagian kecil ada yang akuatik. Trichostomum Bruch Tridontium Hook. Spiridens Nees Splachnaceae Grev. Streptotrichum Herzog Strombulidens W. Thalloid LiverwortsBest known species are in the genus Marchantia. Klasifiasi many other liverwort species, Lunularia produces a dihydrostilbenoid growth hormone, lunularic acidthat is reported to be a growth inhibitor of liverworts.

Quandt Pseudopleuropus Takaki Pseudopohlia R.

Buck, Chileobryon Enroth, Curviramea H. Loeske Serpotortella Dixon Serpotortellaceae W. The microenvironment between the lamellae can host a number of microscopic organisms such as parasitic fungi and rotifers. Exodictyon Cardot Exobryum R. This article is about the genus of liverwort.


However, Dawsonia along with other genera in the Polytrichales order reaches heights comparable to those of vascular plants. Lunularia cruciata Linnaeus Dumortier ex Lindberg Polytrichum Male gametophytes of Polytrichum strictum bearing antheridia. This bryophyte -related article is a stub. Daun bryophytaa dorsalDaun ventralPenggolongan Bryophyta berdasarkan KemotaksonomiPenggolongan Bryophyta berdasarkan kemotaksonomi adalah dari kandungan metabolit sekunder yang dihasilkannya dan terdapat pada oil bodies badan minyak pada Bryophyta.

Klasifikasi Bryophyta (Part I) 260214

Dichelyma Myrin Dichodontium Schimp. Drummondiaceae Goffinet — Type: Polytrichum appalachianum [7] Polytrichum alpinum [8] Polytrichum commune Polytrichum formosum [8]. Limprichtia Loeske Lindbergia Kindb.

Lepyrodon Hampe Lepyrodontopsis Broth. This minimises water loss as relatively little tissue is directly exposed to the environment, but allows for enough gas exchange for photosynthesis to take place. Articles lacking in-text citations from June All articles lacking in-text citations Articles with ‘species’ microformats.

As bryophytes can only grow when hydrated, the lack of conducting tissue restricts most mosses, even in relatively wet habitats, to a low bryopbyta. Ditrichum Hampe Dixonia Horik.

Colobodontium Herzog Conardia H.