Innocent Traitor is a historical novel by Alison Weir, published in It is the story of Lady Jane Grey, who was Queen of England for nine days in Alison Weir, our pre-eminent popular historian, has now fulfilled a life’s ambition to write historical fiction. She has chosen as her subject the bravest, most. I am now a condemned traitor I am to die when I have hardly begun to live. Historical expertise marries page-turning fiction in Alison Weir’s.

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It traitorr hard to confront the realities of recent years. My interest in history began with her, and it keeps coming back to her! I could get inside the heads of characters with whom I had long been familiar, and actually be them.

Innocent Traitor – Wikipedia

There is little support for her claim, though. The story of Jane Grey is a sad one and this book portrayed it well. Alison Weir, our pre-eminent popular historian, has now fulfilled a life’s ambition onnocent write historical fiction. The novel shows how Jane tried to be a Queen but found herself thwarted by those who would use her. I later read The Life of Elizabeth Ione of her non-fiction books. The sophistication of her language has prompted some startled comments, but again it is founded upon facts.

Her xlison can have prolonged the proceedings for only a matter of minutes, but one can imagine how Northumberland and her parents felt about it, as they envisaged wfir carefully laid plans being wrecked.

Want to Read saving…. I knew the bare outline of the life of Lady Jane Grey, although, in spite of having read some version or other of Foxe’s Book of Martyrs several times in my childhood, had forgotten that she is considered a martyr by the Anglican Church. He told me I had to get off the fence, stop being a historian and start being a novelist. Around the Year i Inspired by Your Browsing History. As a historian, I would discount it.

This sad tale recounts the treachery and scheming it took from “adults” to selfishly convince an entire nation that the King’s own daughters Lady Mary and Graitor were unfit to take the crown and that it should pass to the great neice of the King. Just skip this one. I was very conscious of how important it is to get the language spoken by the characters right, and spent a lot of time modifying original quotations — which I used wherever possible – so that they did not sound incongruous in a twenty-first century text.


Books of the Week. There were originally sixteen, but there are now eight, the chief of whom are Jane herself, her mother and her nurse: Just because it’s historical doesn’t make rape entertaining or somehow okay to portray in ways that modern fiction would shy away from.

If I feel that they work then I might give them to other people to read and see what they think about jnnocent. It truly is a shame, what happened to her. Children were miniature adults who had to be civilized as soon as possible. What are the themes? Until the sixteenth century, noble English girls were rarely well-educated.

Innocent Traitor by Alison Weir | : Books

You are best known for your very successful non-fiction writing. Will you be writing more novels? In the beginning, it especially bothered me that Jane sounded like an adult at three and five. To read aliison written by the characteris a new found pleasure for me.

I feel like the lives of the royalty are akin to being pieces in a chess game. Innocent Traitor did quite well, so Hutchinson want more novels, but my other publishers, Jonathan Cape, also want me to go on writing history books, so I am very busy.

Lists with This Book.

Innocent Traitor

Alison Weir has selected a tragic heroine for her first historical fiction novel but I felt that she doesn’t impart much personality into any of her characters. This was my first book I’ve read by Alison Weir, but it definitely won’t be my last. Raised by proponents of the Reformed Church, Jane has little tolerance for those who believe in the Catholic faith, including Mary, daughter of Katherine of Aragon.


No one was more delighted than I when my revised novel — and another, yet to be written, on Katherine Howard — were commissioned by Hutchinson. And of course Evelyn Waugh for his Swords of Honour trilogy.

Sir Thomas More broke the mould by affording his daughters a classical education, and was emulated by Henry VIII and Katherine of Aragon, who provided a similar curriculum for their daughter, the future Mary I.

What are the inherent dangers in the plan? Are her religious beliefs not the same as Katherine Parr?

She was an actress, and that chimed well with the theatrical quality of the tableau displayed in the painting. Innocent Traitor paints a complete and compelling portrait of this captivating young woman, a faithful servant of God whose short reign and brief life would make her a legend. I’ve been writing historical novels for fun since the s, and this one was no exception. At various points you have to remind yourself you are writing a novel and you do have to allow your imagination to override the facts at various points.

What are your favourite books? There does not seem to be alisob much difference in tone between Katherine Parr and Frances Brandon in tone. Please try again later. The multiple POVs wejr mutually indistinguishable, Jane at age 4 sounding the same as her mother as the queen as the duke and so on.

For Frances, there is the prospect that she herself might have to step into the breach and take the allison. It was dramatic and poignant lnnocent ideal for fiction. She was a young girl of royal blood who was used by greedy and unscrupulous men to satisfy their own ambitions. I really enjoyed her story, and found her to be quite a resourceful character.