The operative findings revealed a sliding Maydl’s hernia with an ischemic inner ileal pathologyshouldbeinvestigatedandtreatedappropriately. Maydl’s hernia is a very rare type of a hernia and at times presents as a deceptive condition in a strangulated hernia. There is a paucity of. #DatoQx Hernia de Maydl o #Hernia en W – 2 asas de delgado en el saco. Alta probabilidad de estrangulación!!

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If the edges of the defect can be mxydl without tension, the defect is closed directly with strong nonabsorbable sutures; if not, the defect is covered with prosthetic mesh e.

A Rare Presentation of Maydl’s Hernia

Conclusions Maydl’s hernia although rare should be suspected in patients with large incarcerated hernia, with evidence of strangulation or peritonitis, or with viable loops of intestine in the hernia sac. Advantages of laparoscopic hernia repair include reduced post-operative pain and earlier return to work.

Read it at Google Books – Find it at Amazon. Except in children and infants, the essential cause of an IIH is a failure of the processus vaginalis to become completely obliterated to form the ligamentum vaginale, which normally occurs within a few days after birth, and b loss of integrity of the inguinal canal see above. Few patients fall into this category.

A hernia becomes obstructed when the neck is sufficiently narrow to occlude the lumen of the intestine contained within the sac. We reduced the intussusception, performed resection of a small ileal segment and end to end anastomosis. Mark Evers, and Kenneth L. Received Aug 2; Accepted Nov 3.

Maydl’s hernia

Inguinal hernias present with inguinal discomfort, with or without a lump. Often, there is a history of a sudden increase in IAP that has pushed intestine or other contents into the sac.

Pain is often present during the day but may recede at night if the hernia reduces, and may be made worse by raising the arm on the affected side. Usually, the patient presents with intestinal obstruction of unknown cause, and the hernia is diagnosed at laparotomy. One of two operative approaches is used:. Alternatively, the mesh can be inserted via an extraperitoneal approach and placed deep to the defect in the posterior wall.


Maydl’s hernia – Wikipedia

Care is taken not to damage the obturator nerve when either closing the defect or covering it with prosthetic mesh. Pain hfrnia also be referred to the testis because of pressure on the spermatic cord and ilio-inguinal nerve. Indirect IHs are approximately four times more common than DIH, occur at herniia time during life, and have a male to female ratio of about Herniorrhaphy aims to reduce the size of the femoral ring and is performed by inserting several sutures between the inguinal and pectineal ligaments, thereby effectively closing off the femoral canal.

Spigelian and Maydl hernias Case 1: Personal tools Log in.

Causes of sudden or sustained increases in intra-abdominal pressure. A year-old female presented with the complaint of a swelling in the right inguinal region for 4 months which was about 5x4cm in size, oval in shape, reducible, non-tender, with impulse on coughing.

B Sagittal section of linea alba after repair. The intestine should be handled as little as possible to minimise post-operative ileus.

Patients require analgesia for the first few days. Direct IH is rare in females and does not occur in children. Inguinal and femoral hernias are distinguished by their positions relative to the inguinal ligament and pubic tubercle. The hernia sac was transfixed and reduced and ee modified Bassini repair of the hernia was performed.

Retrieved from ” http: The neck of a femoral hernia is below the inguinal ligament and dw to the pubic tubercle, and the hernia protrudes initially from below the ligament.

Internet Scientific Publications

On abdominal examination, there was no tenderness or guarding. A Richter’s hernia may occur with strangulation of the entrapped part of the intestinal wall. The patient initially is examined standing to demonstrate the lump and possible cough impulse, and then lying down to hernla the hernia to be reduced. Lumbar hernias occur through two triangular sites of weakness in the lumbar region of the abdominal wall.

Inguinal hernias are best treated surgically. For example, stomas should be brought out through the aponeurotic part of the abdominal wall, herni the muscular part, and they should not be sited in the main abdominal wound or the umbilicus. Spigelian hernias are rare. About Blog Go ad-free. It can occur in all bernia groups and in both sexes with many usual and unusual presentations. An incisional hernia is a protrusion of the peritoneum the sac and abdominal contents into the mydl plane through a defect at the site of a scar following an abdominal operation.


World journal of colorectal surgery. Umbilical hernias in children rarely become irreducible or strangulate. The male to female ratio is Insertion of prosthetic mesh in an extraperitoneal or extraparietal plane to cover the defect in the abdominal wall generally provides a good repair but runs the risk of infection of the mesh.

Journal List Case Rep Surg v.

National Center for Biotechnology InformationU. A femoral hernia presents as either discomfort in the groin together with a lump, or as intestinal obstruction with or without strangulation.

The pain at presentation was associated with vomiting, progressive abdominal bloatedness, and constipation.

The hernia is marked pre-operatively because it may reduce with anaesthesia and the defect may be too small to palpate. The case report did not require ethical clearance from the University of Buea Ethical Committee in accordance with the Declaration of Helsinki as it was not a research involving human subjects.

The tight deep inguinal ring was widened and this revealed an intra-abdominal aperistaltic intervening loop of ileum which was ischemic at its convex margin Figure 1. On examination of the obstructed bowel, ileo-ileal intussusception with perforation was found.

After 20—30 minutes, firm manual pressure is applied to the hernia. In addition to the presence of a patent processus vaginalis in an IIH, both IIH and DIH result from failure of normal mechanisms that maintain the integrity of the inguinal canal, including:. The foot of the bed is elevated, the patient is kept warm, and given intramuscular opiate analgesia.