Download HAMEG HM OSCILLOSCOPE UM service manual & repair info for electronics experts. Find great deals for HAMEG HM Oszilloskop 20mhz digital Storage. Shop with confidence on eBay!. I have been experiencing a problem with my Hameg HM oscilloscope. It was working correctly then the trace suddenly went back to the left.

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A terminating resistance is some- times recommended with sine nameg as well. It is not difficult for a good technician to make a suitable adapter for this.

Oszillograph HM208

We recommend the wearing of safety goggles implosion danger. The highest resolution and simplest operation is obtained if the two signals are read into the memory consecutively through Channel I.

It is unimportant, on the other hand, if the first or second memory is used for channel 1. It is certainly self-evident that the input cou- pling for the signal input or inputs must be set to DC for low frequency signals. This results nameg circuit engineering reasons minimum expenditure, few controls. It goes out at the instant of triggering. PLOT I is depressed first for this purpose.

Hameg HM 2 Kanal Storage | eBay

In some cases e. Thus display of the waveform before the trigger event is possi- ble. If it is smaller than 1 cm, the adjustment requires some sensitivity because of the small lock-in range. When the appropriate plot button is depressed, the plotter feed is switched on, the stylus lowered with a short delay and memory contents plotted out.


HAMEG HM208 Oszilloskop 20mhz digital Storage

This button should therefore be depressed only when required. Memory switchover Using the built in second memory, which is switched on by depressing the 2.

Insert probe in 0. Horizontal Deflection X Bandwidth: High volt- ages are dangerous. Battery-powered or AC supply operated optional.

With sinusoidal signals, observe the Subject to change without notice Mil zero crossover point transitions; the sine peaks are less accurate. M8 Subject to change without notice 1 kHz compensation This C-trimmer calibration connpensates the capacitive loading of the oscilloscope input approx.

Horizontal resolution in timebase mode Channel I alone: In addition, it must be determined before commissioning if the instrument is set to the correct mains voltage. Guarantee Each instrument runs through a quality test with 10 hour burn-in before leaving the production.

The condition for this is that no modifications have been made in the instrument.

It is essential that it has sufficient breakdown strength. Learn more – opens in a new window or tab.

Hamsg speaking, trigger- ing should be external with modulation frequency from the AF generator or a demodulator. Vertical resolution; points for 10cm. Single component and in-circuit tests are both possible.

Therefore, if the voltage loss due to the attenuation of the probe can be compen- sated by a higher amplitude setting, the probe should always be used. If the trace is suddenly no longer visible after applying the signal voltage, it can be that the signal amplitude is much too large and totally overloads the vertical amplifier.

However, there are still further display modes in the mem- ory mode: X10 button should not be depressed because otherwise a large dot spacing approx. Hence, corres- ponding precautionary measures must be taken.


When the stored sig- nal is plotted, the full signal display reappears automatically on the screen, the pen is lifted and the XY plotter stops. The display of simple electrical pro- cesses, such as sinusoidal RF and LF signals or mains fre- quency hum voltages is hhm. The instrument must then not be put into operation. The latter must be switched over to x1 and its HF trimmer beneath the insulat- ing cap of the BNC plug set to the left stop. Trigger signal inputto TRIG.

In return, however, the read out, visible image appears immediately after the single sweep ends. Therefore the signal should in no case exceed 8 cm peak to peak on the screen.

In this way transient distortions such as overshooting, rounding hamwg, ringing, holes or humps in the pulse top in the vicinity of the leading edge are kept to a minimum.

However, 28 is generally expedient to set the white line on the cap of the Y-POS.

HAMEG Hm Oscilloscope 20mhz Digital Storage | eBay

In the case of shipments by post, rail or carrier it is recommended that the original packing is carefully preserved. Non-destructive tests can be carried out on almost all semiconductors, resistors, capacitors, and coils. It can be easily operated after remov- ing the casing see servicing instructions. Currents between two ungrounded circuit points can also be measured as voltage drop across a known resis- tance.