Buy Encyclopaedia Arcane: Necromancy – Beyond the Grave by Matthew Sprange, Anne Stokes (ISBN: ) from Amazon’s Book Store. Everyday. Encyclopaedia Arcane: Necromancy is presented under the Open Game and D20 Licences. See page 62 for there is indeed life, of a sort, beyond the grave. Necromancy: Beyond the Grave is the second book in Mongoose Publishing’s Encyclopaedia Arcane series. Unlike the Slayer’s Guides, this particular line is.

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Then comes a section on lichdom – gravd pages describing how how becomes a lich, detailing the lich’s phylactery and so on. Unlike Demonology, Necromancy suffers a little from too much rules-orientated information for my tastes.

Akwan Akwan graev it as to-read Nov 10, It’s a 64 page book with a full colour cover and back and white interior art. The requirements outlined here are a bit more demanding than the requirements listed in the Monster Manual.

Although it would not be able to stand on encycloapedia own ike the one from Demonology, this system of magic does supplement the Necromantic magic and gives this kind of wizard a specific unsavory feel that it was always supposed to have.

The font size is slightly above average, as the use of space could be slightly better. Beyond the Grave Nfcromancy the civilised lands of man, dwarf and elf, the practice of necromancy is universally shunned, its knowledge suppressed and its practitioners persecuted.

Unlike the old death knight, there are no references to involvement with infernal lords. Double click on above image to view full picture.

Encyclopaedia Arcane: Necromancy Beyond the Grave by Matthew Sprange

This is one problem that I have with this book – it’s not a major issue, but the feats follow on immediately from the side-effects with no break distinguishing the two sections.


Beyond the Grave Mongoose Publishing is one of the first d20 vendors to focus primarily on supplemental rules material rather than adventures. At the very garve, many necromantic feats should be given stiffer prerequisites or toned down. The best art is by Chris Quillaims, who is underused here just as he is in other Mongoose products.

On the other end of the spectrum, it can be insanity, attribute loss, or even acquiring an undead state. The book purports that when a living being dies, there is a release of negative energy that can have certain effects and can be harnessed by a necromancer.

Encyclopaedia Arcane: Necromancy – Beyond the Grave

Unlike the Slayer’s Guidesthis particular line is considerably more ‘meaty’ when it comes to rules content, something that many felt that Mongoose’s previous work lacked.

You have no items in your shopping cart. This is not a comment on the quality of the content, just the subject matter. Always the poorer cousin of the Evoker, the Necromancer’s spell list has been boosted ggave 34 new spells. JavaScript seem to be disabled in your browser. This is a softback encycolpaedia with a page count of I particularly liked the negative energy side effects.

Reproduction of this work by any means without the written permission of the publisher is expressly forbidden. Mongoose does that not by a specialized prestige class, but by expanding on the selection of arcane necromantic spells in the next section, entitled Necromantic Spells.

I can understand why you would not want a necromancer blithely casting these spells, but the cost still encyclopaecia a little steep to me. That monumental price hike was less than a dollar! Dantenumara Rosenberg rated it it was amazing Aug 31, Nasim marked it as to-read Oct 17, Whilst the rules included definitely make a necromancer a more attractive proposition for a PC if used in a campaign, and they also enable a necromancer to arcanr on an even par with a cleric who commands undead, Necromancy did not manage to take its prime concept into another dimension figuratively speaking in the way Demonology did.

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Results 1 to 6 of 6. So we go stright from the side effect Undeath to the feat Animation by Touch with no introduction. Trivia About Encyclopaedia Arc There follows 15 pages of new necromantic spells from the 0-level Animate Animal to the 9th level Raise Death Fleet, though most spells are fairly low-level and 8 pages of negative energy side effects such as Stench of Death and Eater of the Dead and new necromantic feats such as Animation By Touch and Empower Undead.

Details Throughout the civilised lands of man, dwarf and elf, the practice of necromancy is universally shunned, its knowledge suppressed and its practitioners persecuted. The Necromantic Spells section provides a variety of new spells for the school of necromancy. I found it a trifle confusing.

The next section is entitled Lichdomand adds new details on how to handle this most ghastly of a necromancer’s aspirations. The book is much better organized than their previous effort in the Encyclopedia Arcane series, and it seems to strike a better balance between exposition, flavor text, and game beyobd.