Domenico Losurdo (14 November – 28 June ) was an Italian Marxist philosopher . ISBN Stalin. Storia e critica di una leggenda nera, Roma, Carocci, ISBN Paradigmi e fatti normativi. Excerpts from Domenico Losurdo’s ​ Stalin: History and Criticism of a Black Legend Translator: Matthew Klinestiver Preface The following excerpts are. Mortal Enemies? Domenico. Losurdo. Abstract: Starting from the category “ totalitarianism” mainstream ideology considers Hitler and Stalin as twin brothers.

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A militant and a scholar. Remembering Domenico Losurdo (1941-2018)

Our new issue is out now. It might seem strange to start an obituary of a seventy-seven-year-old by saying he was taken from us in his prime.

But before Domenico Losurdo was struck down by a brain tumor, the Italian Marxist had been at the height of his powers. Just last year domenco published a sustained polemic against the pretensions of Western Marxism, following a work in which he took a critical look at projects for peace throughout history.

Sinistra Publishing acquires rights to Losurdo’s book on Stalin | damiano

As an emeritus professor at the University of Urbino and president of the Associazione Marx XXI, deep into old age Losurdo maintained his globe-trotting activity of conferences and book presentations. Ever keen to promote his thought at the international level, until shortly before his death he was working on a new chapter for the English version of his Antonio Gramsci: From Liberalism to Critical Communism.

This is just one of three English-language Losurdo titles due to be published in the next year, continuing to make his work known to yet wider layers of readers. But he was already among the most renowned Italian Marxists at the international level, as a richly partisan historian of philosophy, always attentive to exposing the material realities, the historical and social conditions, that stood behind all philosophical systems and ideas.

Losurdo on Stalin: A Review – STALIN’S MOUSTACHE

In particular, this took the form of a piercing assault on liberal hypocrisy, most notably expressed in a work first published in Italian oosurdothen translated into English by Verso in as Liberalism: He did not simply explain their crimes and errors which he freely admitted as a response to the war climate in which they emerged.


Moreover, he excoriated the double standards that led liberals to compare Communist and Nazi violence, as if Western colonialism could somehow be set apart. Domenico Losurdo was indeed a highly political writer. Faced with the collapse of the Soviet Union and an onrush of liberal triumphalism, Losurdo mounted devastating critiques of those who painted this latter ideology as a harbinger of an all-embracing human progress.

This was most notably expressed in his Liberalism: Not only did these societies build on a losrdo of slavery and expand stalim circuits of the slave trade, but they radicalized and formalized its premises in white supremacy.

For this Counter History, as for his study of Democracy or Bonapartism forthcoming: Liberalism not only inherited the hierarchies of the precapitalist world but created new ones; it not only subverted monarchy and hereditary rule but imposed new forms of division and exclusion on the colonial and metropolitan masses. Here, Losurdo succeeded more in exposing the grim origins of liberalism, and the crimes this engendered, than showing its fundamental, permanent need for particular forms of exclusion or still less, slavery.

His charges of liberal hypocrisy often appear as if a demand for the end to double standards and blind spots; which is to say, the fuller realization of a proclaimed universalism, rather than its simple destruction.

As against whoever would say that communism works in theory but not in practice, his work poses the question of whether the same might also be said of liberalism. Framing liberalism in terms of exclusion, Losurdo sought to recast our view of the twentieth century by centering it on colonialism.

Even such a murderous enterprise could secure the allegiance of a thinker like Martin Heidegger because its culture was not, in fact, all losurdp innovative. This was, without doubt, a provocative reframing. Losurdo was untroubled by treading on toes but was sometimes tinged with contrarianism.

Losurdo long challenged that left which, in his view, abstractly criticized real attempts at building socialism without feeling the need to dirty its hands with practical choices. This was epitomized by his recent study of Western Marxism.


In this veneration of the USSR and indeed China which he continued to see as a country on the path to socialism, via a kind of modern New Economic PolicyLosurdo sharply rejected any junking of twentieth-century history. The small Communist Party in which he was involved in recent years, naming itself after the PCI of Antonio Gramsci and Palmiro Togliatti, sought to revive the party that dissolved after the fall of the Berlin Wall. Its zombie-like structures are still with us, in the neoliberal Democratic Party; its remaining cultural influence embodies the nostalgia for a once-great left that is unable to give life to anything new.

The hard right is on the offensive and hope seems lacking; it is perhaps easier to cling to old certainties than to begin the communist project as if from scratch.

And his thought is still with us.

Losurdo on Stalin: A Review

Other forthcoming translations include studies of Hegel and of Kant. Revisionism and Anti-Revisionism Domenico Losurdo was indeed a highly political writer. Building Socialism Losurdo long challenged that left which, in his view, abstractly criticized real attempts at building socialism without feeling the need to dirty its domeico with practical choices.

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