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What does DVD stand for? Xom many DVD formats are available? What is a dingbat? What is a handshake? What is a home page? What handles can you not hold in your hand? What contribution did Ada Byron make to computing?

What kind of wafers are used at Intel to make computer chips? What do they call the suit that cleanroom technicians must wear while making computer chips? What does modem stand for anyway? Search the site I think the person who coined these computer terms must have been hungry. What is a bit? How many bits are in a byte?

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It was an experiment to connect computdr1 so they could share information. What do we call this today? Project Gutenberg puts on the Internet public domain literature and information. What was the first document posted? When were floppy disks introduced? How many megabytes of data can a factory made audio CD hold?

Douglas Engelbart was a computer visionary of the ‘s. What did he invent that coputer1 find handy? Name three computer peripherals. What does GUI pronounced “goo-ey” mean? What is a computer virus? How did Marcian Hoff’s invention change computers? Apple Computer’s G4 is a supercomputer because its operations can be measured in gigaflops.


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What is a gigaflop? What mammal, other than humans, uses a computer? This teacher’s web page is an example of: The total capacity is 17 Gbytes if two layers on both sides of the disk are utilized.

It is used to store data. DVD-R Its capacity is 4. Originally designed for professional authoring, a version for general consumer use is now under development. As with CD-R, users can write only once to this disk.

It can be re-written more thantimes. Its read-write capacity is 4.

It can be re-written up to about 1, times. It is expected to become the most popular audio disk.

A collection of est is found in a popular font called Wingdings. The handshake helps the modems determine how they will exchange information. An introductory screen on the World Wide Web, used to welcome visitors.

The military needed to develop firing tables for its artillery, so that gunners in the field could quickly look up which settings to use with a particular weapon on a particular target under particular conditions. Ada suggested to Babbage writing a plan for how the engine might calculate Bernoulli numbers. Computer information is stored digitally, whereas information transmitted over telephone lines is transmitted in the form of analog waves.


A modem converts between these two forms. A bit short for binary digit is the smallest unit of data in a computer.

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In most computer systems, there are eight bits in a byte. We called it online. The world wide was created in In the eight inch floppy disk drive was introduced by IBM. Each second contains 75 sectors, each of which can hold bytes Douglas Carl Engelbart had invented a number of interactive, user-friendly information access systems that we take for granted today: Compact Disc-Read Only Memory.

Any external device that plugs into your computer, such as a printer, modem, scanner, or tape drive. Also, some administrators are refusing to allow users to switch to Dvorak when the option exists.

This is especially a problem in schools. A computer virus etx a program designed to spread itself by first infecting executable files or the system areas of hard and floppy disks and then making copies of itself. Viruses usually operate without the knowledge or desire of the computer user. If you enjoyed this post Subscribe to our feed. No Comment Post a Comment. Newer Post Older Post Home. About Me naadir View my complete profile.