Buy Der Nomos der Erde im Völkerrecht des Jus Publicum Europaeum. by Carl Schmitt (ISBN: ) from Amazon’s Book Store. Everyday low prices . The recent revival of interest in Carl Schmitt’s work on politics and sovereignty has not generally been extended to his work, Der Nomos der Erde im. Nomos der Erde as a lighthouse from which to observe the restless waves of modernity? To Schmitt’s readers, the sea metaphor for globalization will not seem .

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After defeating Spain first, and later Netherlands and France, England “became the agency of the spatial turn to a new ‘nomos’ of the earth, and, potentially, even the operational base for the later leap into the total rootlessness of modern technology”.

Yet neither do they incite Sandoval to question the justice of the trade itself.

The Nomos of the Earth: In the International Law of the Jus Publicum Europaeum

The constitution of the polity as a territory and the individual possession of land within it must follow a political compromise. The return of Columbus to Europe on 15 March had a disruptive effect on the international system. Political Studies 56 1: Carl Schmitt’s early career as an academic lawyer falls into the last years of the Wilhelmine Empire.

She read the work meticulously.

While Jaspers enthusiastically embraced the idea of an international court for crimes against humanity, Arendt was unsure. Join the Telos Press mailing list. On trading companies and the modern international legal system see W.

The Nazis said blood and soil—he understood soil.

Such an absence of limits can be interpreted in two ways: In assessing reactions to the monopolistic claims of the Empire, we might ask to what extent the claim concerning the freedom of schjitt seas was itself grounded in a rhetoric of continuity inspired by the legal system that had characterized maritime navigation since the Middle Ages.


Indeed, Sandoval has virtually nothing to say about land-based sovereignty, nor does he create taxonomies of warfare or even touch upon the commercial disputes that generated jurisprudence of the free sea.

Jura Gentium Rivista di filosofia del diritto internazionale e della politica globale. Cultural Critique 69 1: Zizek S Carl Schmitt in the age of post-politics. This pragmatic concession to a globe in which a universal order had to be built from ground up, in a linked rather than homogeneous project, parallels the eclipse of the dream of universal sovereignty that Schmitt sees at the inauguration of the jus publicum Europaeum. Its peculiar form has developed within an environment in which customary practices derr power politics have generated original hybridizations.

In czrl comparison of Arendt and Schmitt, Lindahl is interested in the spatiality of nomos and focuses in particular on the concept as a boundary. Scans of the margin- alia are available at http: Such issues of evil, e. As Schmitt has suggested, the sea remained a juridically ‘neutral’ expanse for much of the nineteenth century, beyond the reach of any sovereign system.

What, then, does law as nomos, as the structure which houses political action, look like? Occupation of the sea belongs to the modern age. Der einzige Deutsche, der das verstand war Nietzsche.

From Lines to Networks: Carl Schmitt’s Nomos in Africa

He was led to dismiss the contribution of countries like Japan and Turkey and seemed Compared to Schmitt’s other books, this one is slightly disappointing. For an overview of marginalia in the Arendt library see Laube Conquest, for Arendt, is the key to the Schmittian nomos, and from her perspective, his geopolitical theory is intrinsically imperialist.


It was the triumph of U-topia – to quote Schmitt once again – intended as the denial of any localization, any territorial determination. Jack rated it really liked it Aug 23, It was an ordo once again sanctified by a “global line”: Thus in the age of Enlightenment, a ‘parallel’ system would arise alongside the jus publicum Europaeumwith the same attributes as the latter: Her published work noticeably lacks the same interest, and so this evidence csrl shed new light on how we should judge her often aesthetic approach to the political.

Help Center Find new research papers in: Mehdi rated it liked it Jul 06, Arendt H The Origins of Totalitarianism. Where he really starts schmmitt get interested is with what he refers to as the Respublica Christiana. He interestingly applies this to the growth of piracy at this time too: Thus the ancient image of an occupation ‘by division’, of a limes based on physical geography, was revived, though updated in its juridical forms and techniques.

Although present from the beginning of Iberian expansion, which proceeded through the state authorization of private initiatives, the dependence of European expansion on substate agents is probably clearest schjitt the incremental involvement of Europeans in sub-Saharan Africa. Volume 5 Once the moral order of the respublica Christiana has retreated from this non-state space, then imperial land-grabbing can proceed unabated under the same umbrella of non-discriminatory warfare that in a statist Europe led to contained warfare.