the Zenza Bronica GS-1 single lens reflex camera and converts the GS-1 into a TTL (thru-the-lens) aperture-priority automatic exposure (AE) camera, powered. View and Download Zenza Bronica GS-1 owner’s manual online. GS-1 Digital Camera pdf manual download. Although instructions following are based on the GS-1 camera main body, the the Zenza Bronica GS-1, may we suggest that you read this instruction manual.

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The shutter release button may be depressed accidentally while the main camera body is being carried in a bag, which could lead to discharge of the battery power. Loading The Battery 1. The focusing screen is detachable for exchanging with other types. I would have to press the shutter button multiple times before it would engage the shutter.

Attach in the reverse manner. Dark slide is inserted. This feature is very convenient for familiarizing yourself with the camera and for testing the shutter in flash photography.

The manual film winder is used for advancing the film, when the film back is detached from the main body for film loading. Then, continue shooting, according to “a”. Then, use the multiple exposure lever and expose the frame. Spacing for the magazines was perfect. I put the lever back verticle and wind on to the second frame.

Zenza Bronica GS-1 Owner’s Manual

rbonica Battery Single 6 volt silver oxide or alkaline-man- ganese battery. However, since battery power is drained during “bulb”, time exposures should be made when the exposure time is longer than one minute.


Do not touch the surface with your fingers or a cloth. Got it, continue to print. Intermediate settings are also possible.

If the equipment is not being used for a long period of time, store everything in tin-lined containers, with plenty of desiccant, such as silica gel. Don’t forget that every time you put a new back, you need to turn the rewind crank to some extent before you’re able to shoot. Furthermore, there is danger of the film back accidentally becoming detached from btonica main body, should the dark slide be left in its slit while the camera is being carried.

I am going to give it a rest for tonight leaving the shutter blades closed.

I think that should override the interlocks and let you fire the camera, if everything else is working fine. These identical pairs of apertures indicate the distance that will be in focus at these lens openings.

I have tried the “Oven trick” which seems to confirm broica sticky shutter being the problem. The GS-1 provides the professional user with a lightweight and compact 6 x 7 format single lens reflex of Film Type Indicator Frame Upon loading the film, tear off the end flap from the empty film package and insert it in the film type indicator frame.

At the introduction of the camera, only the 50, 65, and mm manuual were available, with a mm, mm never released and mm being announced. This feature is very convenient for familiarizing yourself with the camera and for testing the shut- ter in flash photography. Then, slide both screen removal levers forward to secure the focusing screen.


Bronica GS-1 – – The free camera encyclopedia

The manual film winder can continue to rotate, even when the film is set for the first exposure. Remove the film holder and while preventing the loose film from unwinding, take out the take-up spool. The mount is stainless steel, while the front, left and brnica body covers are made of reinforced plastic.

Hopefully a repair isn’t to expensive. Lens release manuql is depressed. When C is set to the index, with the mirror lock-up switch lever, the lever will not return to N with the next film advance and shutter cocking action.

Attachment and Removal of Film Backs. The use of the multiple exposure lever will, however, permit you to cock the shutter, in such instances.

The surrounding full-area matte surface can also be used for checking overall image sharpness. Otherwise, there will be additional multiple exposures on the same frame.